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About Us

Golf Carts are a lifestyle, an extension of and a way to express oneself, in the neighborhood or on the golf course. As golf cart owners ourselves, we understand this.

Founded in 2008, we wanted to take a different approach in a growing industry, offering not just the same type products that every other golf cart dealer offered but offering a high end quality built product. Seems that now days people don’t take pride in doing anything anymore, but we do! We care about quality and customer service, two things that most people have forgot about. We care about our customers and always want them to be happy with their product no matter how big or small the purchase.

This all started as a family venture in 2008 when my kids begged to rent a golf cart while we were on vacation. With a lot of reluctance, I gave in and rented one for 4 days. It was a basic 36 volt Ezgo electric cart with lights and a back seat. We were at the beach and the cart was so quiet and peaceful. All of the family enjoyed it so much. Needless to say we didn’t get back in the car one time while we had that rental cart. We drove the cart everywhere, to the beach, to the store, to the restaurant and the pool. What we loved so much about it was it slowed the pace of life down just a little for us. You drive a cart and feel the breeze on your face and just hear the sounds of everything going on around you. Such an enjoyable time for us.

Parked golf cars.

We returned the cart the day that we were packing up to go home. All the kids talked about on the way home was how cool it would be to have a golf cart at home to ride whenever they wanted. They begged and begged for us to buy a cart and just like everything else that seems to involve my kids, I gave in. We bought our first cart 3 weeks later. It was older and a bit slower than the vacation rental cart, but they didn’t care as long as it was theirs to drive when they wanted to. Well, considering that I had  20 years experience in the automotive and electronics field, I actually understood the wiring and how these carts worked. We cleaned up that cart after about 4 weeks of owning it and we sold it to upgrade to a newer, faster, nicer cart. Basically one cart turned into two, two turned into four and then four seemed to turn into eight.  At this time I was working a regular 9-5 job as well as working on these carts at my house on nights and weekends. One night I came home and saw 4 carts in the drive way and 4 carts in the garage. I walked in and told my wife either we find a location and open up a retail store or i was going to stop messing with them. Needless to say we found a location 1 month later and opened up for business.

The golf cart business makes us happy, it is enjoyable and fun for our whole family. We want your family to find the same joy in riding around and spending quality time with each other. We hope to meet you and whether you buy from us or just have us service your cart remember all of our customers matter. So get your family together, get out and ride!!